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Private Fees 

Please note that these fees are as a guide only, as due to the nature of dentistry treatments can vary from case to case. Your dentist will advise you.


New Patient Examination

Adult                                                                         £50.00

Child    (Under 18 years)                                          £30.00

(Child exam under 10 years)                                    Free


Recall Examination

Adult                                                                          £36.00

Child                                                                          £11.00

Under 10 years                                                          Free



X - Ray (per film)                                                        £9.50

Fissure Sealants                                                        £10.00

Fluoride Varnish Application                                      £5.00



Scale and Polish                                                         £39.00

2 Visit Scale and Polish                                              £78.00

Periodontal (gum) treatment per quadrant                 £65.00



Amalgam (metal) Fillings                               from    £39.00

Composite (white) Fillings                             from    £59.00

Glass Ionomer                                               from    £43.00

Root Canal Treatment                                   from    £349.00



Simple extraction                                          from    £49.00

Surgical extraction                                                   £138.00

Gingivectomey                                                         £63.00

Treatment of dry socket                                           £27.00


Crown and Bridge

Full gold crown                                           from      £300.00

Metal ceramic (white) crown                       from     £349.00

Emax / lava (all ceramic)                            from      £400.00

Gold inlay                                                                 £260.00

Composite Inlay                                                       £200.00

Porcelain Veneer                                                     £349.00

Composite Veneer                                                   £200.00



Acrylic Partial                                            from        £220.00

Full Denture (per arch)                              from        £399.00

Chrome Denture                                        from        £599.00



Other Items

Tooth Whitening (tray system)                               from   £299.00

Bleaching Tray                                                          £65.00

Whitening Gel x4 Syringes                                        £49.00

Bite Guard                                                                 £65.00

Sports Guard                                                             £65.00



Denplan Care


Denplan care is the most predictable way to budget for your dental care. For a fixed monthly fee, all check ups, hygiene and most routine care is covered. There is also a 10% discount on cosmetic treatments, worldwide emergency service and trauma insurance included.


Your monthly fee will depend on your current oral health. Please call the surgery for more information or to book an oral health assessment.



Denplan Essentials

A great plan covering examinations, prevention and xrays. Please ask the team for more details.





We are currently unable to accept new NHS patients. Details will be posted on this site when places become available.


 NHS Fees

 Band 1          £22.70

Band 2         £62.10

  Band 3         £269.30

Our services for you

  • Appointment reminder by mail or SMS
  • Payment by debit card possible

Questions about our services?

Just give us a call on 01423 503534

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Please note, the practice does not close for lunch on a Monday.

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