Fees List

At Chatsworth House, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to your oral health and budget. Whether you’re seeking a regular oral health assessment, cosmetic treatments, or restorative procedures, we believe in delivering exceptional care at affordable prices. Explore our extensive price list below, and let us help you achieve a confident and healthy smile without breaking the bank.

Oral Health Assessment
Adult £70
Child (Under 18) £50
Small Film X-Ray £15
Fissure Sealant (per tooth) £30
Fluoride Varnish Application  £20
Gum Treatment & Maintenance Support
Gum Maintenance & Support Session £83
Treatment Of Active Gum Disease (Per Session or Quadrant) £100
Tooth Restoration & Repair
White (Composite Resin) Filling from £140
Root Canal Treatment from £300-£550
Tooth Removal
Routine Extraction £150
Complex Extraction £205
Surgical Extraction £295
Crown & Bridge (price per tooth)
Crowns from £650
Bridges from £650
Porcelain Veneer £700
Direct Composite Veneer £295
Acrylic Partial from £600
Full Denture (per arch) from £900
Chrome Denture from £1500
Teeth Straightening
Invisalign from £4,500
Fixed Retainers from £195
Removable Retainer from £195
Dental Implants from £2,700
Other Items
Tooth Whitening from £450
Bite Guard £195
Sports Guard £250